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How does it work?

Amplified Boosts - This is an account recovery system we use for all our boost orders. Account recoveries is the process of submitting us the account details and allowing us to play as you to fulfill any desired requests. All our orders are done this way except Booster play-withs.

In order to start the process you'll need to follow these steps:

Navigate to https://amplifiedboosts.com/ to purchase

1. Submit an order. Make sure to note the order # for confirmation later.

2. Using one of our several links located on site you'll need to join to our discord. There you can ask for assistance from an admin in our questions channel. If you chose not to, we will contact you via text or email using one of the 2 provided with the purchase details.

3. Once communication has been established we will link you and a booster in a group chat.

4. Once the Booster introduces themselves, they will go over the plan and schedule based off of the requests purchased.
5. Our Boosters will provide updated information throughout the process and a screenshot or short summary once the boost is complete.